• Social Polycultures: Using Permaculture for Building Resilient Relationships Originally published by the Permaculture Research Institute, this explores the application of polyculture design (matching symbiotic needs and yields) to the design of organizations and business’s.
  • Permaculture and the Myth of Overpopulation Originally published by the Permaculture Research Institute, this gives talking points to permaculturalists who want to have a deeper discussion around the myth of overpopulation.
  • Social Permaculture: Principles in Action Originally published by the Permaculture Research Institute, this gives readers examples of how to apply the permaculture principles to socially.  This is also available as a card game. 
  • The Power of the Permablitz  Originally publish by Permaculture Magazine North America, this explores the history of the permablitz,  what it is and how and tips on how to organize your own.
  • Bicycles, Night Soil and the Future of Garbage  Originally published in the Permaculture Activist Magazine, this article explores the history of garbage in North America and the relationship between the worker own bicycle hauling company, Pedal People and the human powered no-till farm Montview Neighborhood Farm.
  • Easy Watering For Container Gardens  Originally published by the Permaculture Research Institute this looks at how to use the combination of raised beds with the traditional african technique of ollas to create self watering beds and  lead free food.
  • Hanging Plannings Dirty Laundry  Originally publish in the Undercurrents Journal of Critical Environmental Studies with co-authors annalise fonza, and Kiara Nagel we explore  a critical understanding of how socio-political history and urban systems and structures have worked together to affect local African American communities structurally and spatially.


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Social Permaculture Principles Flash Card Game worksheet

Personal Niche Analysis

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Social Permaculture Principles Flash Cards